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What is a California Democratic Party Delegate?

The California Democratic Party is governed by the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC).

The DSCC has approximately 3000 delegates.

Some delegates are appointed by elected officials and Democratic Party County Committees, while about 1/3 are elected every odd numbered year through elections divided by Assembly District.

Only fourteen individuals (7 women, 7 men) from each Assembly District can be elected as delegates to serve a two year term to the DSCC.  


What are Delegate Responsibilities?

As one of 3,000 delegates, you will be able to vote on candidate endorsements, help shape the platform of the California Democratic Party, approve the rules by which the CDP functions, vote on resolutions of concern to various communities and choose CDP representatives to the Democratic National Party.

You will also be eligible to serve on one or more California Democratic Party committees, appointed by the Chair.

You will be responsible for attending the annual statewide convention, one in Southern California and one in Northern California, and Regional meetings.


What Do I Need To Do to Run for a Delegate Position?

To Run to be a delegate: The State Party has a form available on their website, both for download as well as to fill out online. 

To find the delegate application form, go to www.cadem.org and go to ADEM.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Democratic Party after submitting your online application.   If you do not receive a confirmation, please call the CDP at (916) 442- 5707.

The deadline to fill out the form and have it received by the Sacramento CDP office has passed.  


What is the Executive Board?

The Executive Board has all the duties and powers of the CDP when it is not in session (at the Convention). 

If you would like to run for a position on the Executive Board (EBoard) you must be elected as a delegate first through ADEMS and must be the highest vote-getter willing to accept the E-Board position. 

If you are elected to the EBoard, you are required to attend 2 - 3 quarterly EBoard meetings in California each year, as well as the statewide convention. 


What is a Progressive Delegate?

Progressive delegates are action oriented individuals that advocate for progressive issues within the Democratic Party.  

To learn more about the Progressive Slate and the guiding principles and beliefs behind it, click here.  


Who gets to Vote for CDP Delegates?

Any Democrat registered in the Assembly District. You can register on-site and vote.


Can I still be involved in the California Democratic Party if I am not a Delegate?

Yes.  Everyone, whether a delegate or not, can attend all conventions, EBoard meetings, caucus meetings and committee meetings.  

Every Democrat can become a voting member of a caucus. Caucuses meet at the annual convention and at each EBoard meeting.  

For more information on the California Democratic Party caucuses, click